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“The main culture that SADECO cares about is to maintain customer goals and make it our focus all the time through our ability to design solutions that suit customers and quickly adapt to their needs and requirements as SADECO is keen on hiring the competences to provide the company with their highly knowledge in order to remain it in the highest level in delivering quality”

Mohamed Saad Khamis, Direct Manager

SCS History:

SADECO Calibration Laboratory was founded in 2010 from SADECO GROUP as a certified Lab in calibration & testing in oil and gas field services.

What SCS do:

  • Our company used to ensure the right technology and the correct techniques, enabling the company to maintain a strong relationship with customers by providing a reliable testing, measurement and calibration services.
  • Our field of expertise include mechanical calibration, electrical calibration and witnessing as a third-party company.
  • Our company provide maintenance/ repair services & Supply for all pressure instruments and vessels such as pressure indicators, chart recorder, pressure relief valves, hoses and pipe lines.

SCS Vision and Mission:

SCS Vision:
To be an entrusted source in calibration and testing by providing Quality, Reliability, Accuracy and Timeliness of the reported test results to our customers.
SCS Mission:
To produce Calibration services of highest Integrity that consistently attains Customer Satisfaction by continuously improving our Performance by developing and implementing the latest Technology

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